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Each and everyone one of us has a unique understanding of what it means to be a citizen of a country, a city, a home. The cities, big or small, which make up each country are in essence the citizens of that country. And every city strives to be the model citizen worthy of being a citizen of the world. Well, what if, just for a moment a city would take on the pursuit of defining itself as a “Citizen of the World.” Just like us, cities are young and old, male and female, and have uniquely characteristic surely, it will want to show off its proudest aspects, its achievements over spans of time, its infrastructure and its people. But it will also imagine the stories that johannesburg, beijing or sydney could tell, or the people they could introduce to you. Come along for an enriched themselves act as a tour guide. Let them take you through a day in a life within their borders, from sunrise to sunset they will bare it all, inviting rhythms, which yearn to be heard and seen on a global level. Have to come to a realization that nothing is perfect. Journey to the world’s most intriguing places, where the cities you to come and experience their charms.

This project consists of a creative, multi-layered scripted documentary, which will serve as an entertaining, aesthetic and informational tour guide for all those who love to travel and learn about intriguing destinations around the world.

Conceptual documentary “Citizen of the World” written and directed by Bogdan Yansen.

Release day: TBD

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I am an LA based Russian born entertainment journalist. Growing up in Siberia I always had a passion for Theatre Arts and Film, but at the same time I have always truly loved writing. From the time I was just 14 years old I became the editor of the school news paper, and never stopped writing ever since.