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In Circles – Indie Film Review


The clandestine world of crop circles is threatened when an ambitious TV journalist plans to expose the truth drawing her into the enigma of lights, Celtic mythology and UFOs to discover both the beauty and danger in the mystery she seeks.


Review Summary:

In Circles offers a unique and exciting look into crop circles. However, some of the more dramatic story elements seem to get in the way of the more interesting story telling.

The Good:

Documentary Style: Most movies use the documentary style of filmmaking as a horror device. Honestly it is getting a little old. However, this is where In Circles shines. It uses this technique to unravel the story, just as a journalist will encounter it. This provides a unique look at crop circles as viewers investigate the events along with the characters.


The Story: For decades crop circles have been the topic of supernatural stories. The only problem is that they have been almost completely debunked. But what if there is a deeper meaning behind why they are made? This is what In Circles attempts to answer.

The Ehh:

Switching Film Styles: While I enjoyed the use of documentary style, it is juxtaposed with a more normal filming style. This normal filming style is important to tell some of the fantastical story elements. The problem is it invalidates most of what is learned from the journalist. Overall, I didn’t mind either of the two styles, but combining them together just made it worse.


The Audio: In my reviews for indie films I usually try to stay away from more of the technical aspects of filmmaking. This is because most of the time budget constraints limit the quality of the audio/visual quality. However, sometimes the quality is so low that it inhibits my ability to enjoy the movie completely. In Circles has many portions where it is near impossible to understand what was being said. I kept having to adjust my volume, bass, and treble levels just to understand better.


In Circles strives to answer why there are some that make crop circles and why there are many others who are attracted to them. While it does a great job in exploring these questions, a slight tweak in the filming style would increase the films enjoyability.

Movie Rating:

In Circles is directed by Jonnie Hurn and Ian Manson and stars James Fisher, Cassandra Thomas, Chloe Farnworth, Dan Burman, Jon Campling, Nayo Bonita. Directed by Jonnie Hurn and Ian Manson

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