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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) Movie Review

Captain Underpants movie review

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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie shows a lot of promise, even brilliance in some spots. Overall it falls well short of other movies I’ve seen in 2017 this year. A few tweaks here and there would have adjusted my opinion dramatically.

George and Harold are the best of friends. When they’re not causing trouble and playing pranks, they are working on their comic book Captain Underpants. A twisted turn of events brings their superhero to life, but is nowhere near what they expected. They find themselves having to figure out a way to keep him from doing more harm than good.

The great movies stay in your mind for weeks, months, years even, after you watch them. In the case of Captain Underpants, while there are a few funny moments I can point to, the movie overall is forgettable unfortunately. I laughed at points, but I’m having trouble at this point remembering what exactly was so funny. I do however remember the numerous slow pockets of the movie that made it feel longer than it was.

The film had its moments even if I can’t quite remember what I laughed at. It also strives to pack a bit of heart both in its message and relationships. Parents can feel good about taking their kids to see a movie that teaches them what happens when people come together to help other people.

While I appreciate the comic book stylistic aspect of the film and its originality, Captain Underpants wasn’t memorable enough to fully stand out. It won’t immediately hook you, nor will it hold your attention. I give it a 66.

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