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Brigsby Bear Summary & Review

Brigsby Bear

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Growing up, we all loved watching kid’s shows. It was the place where we received our first “kind of” educations. Most kid shows of the 80s and 90s were designed to teach lessons to younger minds. As young kids, we thought those shows were the best things of our lives, as they were our introduction into TV. This is the very subject of the new film, Brigsby Bear.

For his entire life, James Hope (Kyle Mooney) has lived in an underground bunker with his parents, Ted and April (Mark Hamill and Jane Adams). The only thing he’s ever known is an educational television show called Brigsby Bear Adventures. One day, he is taken from his home by police, who inform him that he has been a prisoner his whole life and that Brigsby isn’t a real show. Devastated by this, James decides to finish Brigsby’s story himself by making Brigsby Bear Adventures: The Movie.

In my mission to watch more independent movies, I was happy that this movie came to a theater near me. Brigsby Bear is an amazing and heartwarming movie. First off, I thought the film had fantastic performances. I loved Mooney’s portrayal of James. He really came off as a person who had no idea how to function in the real world. He really gave one of the best performances of the year.

Watching the trailers, I thought this movie was going to more of a light-hearted drama rather than a comedy. However, this movie, while it is more drama than comedy, has a lot of really funny moments. There were so many parts were the humor was relatable and very effective.

I also thought the story of this movie was very well told. The story of a man trapped underground for many years had been done so many times before. This movie really knew how to add a fresh twist to this tale. You wouldn’t think that a comedic film would mix well with this story, but it really did in this movie.

This movie was very original. I loved the filmmakers’ level of creativity when telling the story. It had a lot to say about how fandom affects us, and it did it in a very creative way. It also did a great job of representing how some people try to move on with certain things in their lives. This movie did it all, and it didn’t feel forced or unoriginal.

Brigsby Bear is one of the most original films of the year. Its mixture of light-hearted drama and relatable laughs made for a fun time at the movies, while also being elevated by its great performances and its very original take on a well-worn story. This movie pretty much proves that independent films are better and more original than studio films today. If you want something fresh, make sure you see this movie.

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