Puppets and Predictions: Highway to the Ranger Zone

Rev up your engine and Go Go watch this weeks episode of Puppets and Predictions where Ryan and Matt take ...
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Beauty and the Beast

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Can Power Rangers Tame the Beast?

After a record-breaking opening weekend, Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is ready to go for its second weekend, and ...
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beauty & beast

Weekend Box Office Predictions: A Real Beauty at the Box Office

We're a little over halfway through the month, and so far we're really looking at a record March.  2012 has ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Beauty in the Least

Be our guest this week on Puppets and Predictions when Ryan and Matt talk the latest live-action Disney Blockbuster Beauty ...
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Rock Dog movie review

Rock Dog: A Review

While it is not particularly offensive and may boast enjoyability from the youngest of kids (and I mean really young) Rock ...
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Puppets and Predictions: Ape Sh*t for Skull Island

On this edition of Puppets and Predictions, Ryan and his puppet sidekick Matt discuss the 2nd Week of Logan, 3rd ...
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Weekend Box Office Predictions: Kong vs. Logan in the Title Match

After Logan's great debut last weekend, we head into the second weekend of March with a lot of hope that this ...
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Logan movie review

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Logan Begins the Pre-Summer Blockbuster Season

The next six weeks all feature huge projects and IP's being released: we have Logan this week, Kong: Skull Island next week, Beauty & the Beast the ...
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Get Out

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Competitors will Get Out of the Theaters

Unbelievable.  2017 is just rollin' along and we've reached the final weekend of February.  Starting next week, we're looking at ...
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Weekend Box Office Predictions: No Fist Fight over the Number One Spot

This weekend sees the release of three new wide films, The Great Wall, Fist Fight, and A Cure for Wellness.  While last weekend ...
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LEGO Batman

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Fifty Shades of LEGO Batman: Chapter 2

We have three new releases this weekend, and all three of them happen to be sequels: Fifty Shades Darker, John Wick: Chapter ...
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Rings movie

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Running Rings around the Competition?

We've arrived at Super Bowl weekend, where commonly we see good counter-programming to the NFL event of the year.  Well, ...
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Split movie review

Weekend Box Office Predictions: No Gold at the End of This Rainbow

Believe it or not, here we are at the final weekend of January.  And for a month that typically produces ...
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Split movie review

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Ghosts from the 2000’s Come Back to Haunt Us

We've reached another end of another work week, almost, so it's time to lay down the box office predictions for ...
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patriot's day

Weekend Box Office Predictions: Patriot’s Delight

We've got a full plate this weekend: 2 movies previously in limited release expanding into wide release: Patriot's Day and Live by Night, ...
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