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Having just moved to a remote home near an institution to better care for her brother Zach, Emily invites a few friends over to help her unpack. They soon discover strange symbols etched into the boards on the windows. In an effort to clean the house they clear them away, soon realizing the gravity of their mistake as they one by one become possessed by an evil force.

“While making this film I realized that we, as indie filmmakers, have a lot of benefits that bigger players don’t,” said Babaev. “First of all, we have time. Time for development, time for pre-production, for post, all the time we want. Second is control. We have a complete control over the movies we are making. Yes, we have to do everything ourselves, make our own decisions on every stage, starting with the script and ending with a cover page concept. But believe me, people working in the studio system don’t have that luxury. Third, we have passion. We volunteer to spend our time on scripts that might never be produced, we make a decision to make a 4am call time to shoot a sunrise even if we only need a second of it in the video. Our actors suffer unbearable cold, heat, exhaustion and conditions that are not suitable for human beings just for one reason – because they are passionate about the story as much as we are.”

Bornless Ones will be released in theaters and VOD on February 10, 2017. Directed and written by Alexander Babaev starring  Margaret Judson, Michael Johnston, Devin Goodsell, Mark Furze, Bobby T, and David Banks .

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I am an LA based Russian born entertainment journalist. Growing up in Siberia I always had a passion for Theatre Arts and Film, but at the same time I have always truly loved writing. From the time I was just 14 years old I became the editor of the school news paper, and never stopped writing ever since.