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Blue Apples is a touching short film that provokes your vision of art, through the eyes of a blind painter.

Blue Apples - Short Film Review

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“Blue Apples” is a short drama film, about a blind painter, Violet. Ironically even girl’s name is a colour, which she cannot see or recognise. However she perceives colours differently, by its texture, smell and taste of it.

Violet gets an operation to restore her sight, but right when it is time for her to take her bandage off, she is worried that now she can lose her vision as an artist.

The main character, Violet, was played by Valeriya Matveeva, who was also the writer and the painter of this picture.

17499834_10206695599788316_1364792925_oAfter writing the story, Valeriya managed to raise funds through crowd funding platform Indiegogo. That was a great start for a bright future of “Blue Apples”. Later on it was officially selected in multiple film festivals, like Glendale International Film Festival, Sochi Film Festival, Female Filmmaker Fuse Film Festival and won LA Shorts Awards.  LA shorts Awards granted Valeriya Matveeva a best actress award and Lizzi Moyseyenko a best editing award.

It is no surprise “Blue Apples” was recognized by such a big audience, as it relates to artists, creative individuals and it even touches family aspect. 

If you like movies that make you think and feel, “Blue Apples” is a must watch.

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