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The Blair Witch Project Review In 2016

The Blair Witch Project movie review

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The Blair Witch Project is a 1999 found footage movie that got infamous on if it was real or not.

Before I go into the review I wanna give a little back story of me and this movie. I went and saw this in 1999 in theaters with my parents, I was scared crapless because of all the hype and controversy about this film. I saw the documentary curse of the Blair witch and it literally scared the crap out of me. They also had a website that gave you the history of the Blair witch and the killer known as Rustin Parr. He was, in the story, a hermit that kidnapped 7 kids 2 by 2 and made one stand in the corner facing away while he killed the other child. When he was done, he grabbed the child in the corner and killed them as well, then repeat the process. All the lore and mythology of these stories made me scared and hyped to see the film.

Now this is one of the first found footage movies that started the whole mainstream found footage genre, without this we wouldn’t have Paranormal Activity, As Above So Below, Rec and Chronicle.

The Blair Witch Project movie review

Skip to 2016, a director that I love and respect in the horror genre said he was making a ‘woods-type’ horror movie known at the time as ‘The Woods’. That movie became Blair Witch which comes out Friday September 16, so in anticipation I decided to give this movie a second viewing.

When I saw it in 1999 I honestly hated this film, I felt cheated with the ending and everything that happened in it. I found it incredibly boring and a down right bad film. So because I’m looking forward to this newest Blair witch movie, like I said I decided to give this film a 2nd viewing and see if my mind was changed all these years.

Let me tell you a little about the movie first before I give me final judgement for the second time. 3 college students Heather Donahue, Michael Williams & Joshua Leonard are filming a documentary on the infamous Blair witch. They travel to Burkittsville, Maryland to interview some of the town folk on this legend before going into the Blackhills Woods to camp out. We get a lot of story points from the town folk about the Blair witch and Rustin Parr, Saying their woods are cursed and don’t go there. Of course they don’t listen, it’s a horror movie why would they. so they camp out the first night and they start to hear weird noises, they eventually get lost and all hell breaks loose. I wont say anymore because I don’t want to spoil anything in the movie for those that wanna check this film out.

The Blair Witch Project movie review

After seeing this the 2nd time, my opinion of this movie never changed what-so-ever, I still think in all honesty this is a bad film in every aspect. All film is subjective though and I have great friends that sticks by this movie, for me though, I didn’t like the overall product of film they created. For all the hype I had for this movie when I was younger, with the documentary and all the footage, what I ended up with was a mess of a film. Now don’t get me wrong there were things I liked that they did in this film and a lot that I didn’t like about this film.

Things I liked was the overall film they were trying to make but to me they failed at. I like the fact this looks like a real documentary and not a Hollywood movie. I liked the fact that they showed signs of panic, hunger, confusion, emotions getting unhinged because they kept going around in circles. All those aspects were well and good and that I did enjoy them in this film.

Things I don’t like was that nothing really happened. The pacing was way too slow and the ending in my opinion is down right awful. You literally don’t get any payoff from the ending of this film.

That being said I just didn’t get this movie what-so-ever and it didn’t change my mind on a second viewing. I give this film 2 skulls out of 5. I am still very much looking forward to this new Blair witch movie just based on director Adam Wingard alone and will be seeing it this Friday and with a review to follow.

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