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Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Movie Review


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I had a couple of questions around plot connection during Blade Runner 2049, questions that still linger even now. I thought about looking up a detailed synopsis afterwards, but stopped myself. It hit me that those questions, those invoked thoughts, are there for a reason, probably not open to just one man’s interpretation but many. All that being said, yes, the film is going to make you put your thinking cap on a little. It’s an existential ride that is going to mean something new from one person to the next. That is the inherent beauty of this movie.

Let me take a stab at the plot while trying to be sensitive to those that haven’t seen the original. In the future, replicants (think androids or something close to human clones) are servants to society. One replicant in particular, Officer K (Ryan Gosling), works on a special task force hired to find and kill replicants that have gone rogue. On a routine mission to take out one such replicant, he uncovers a secret that threatens to impact the entire world. His mission becomes getting to the bottom of things before the secret goes public. Make sense? God I hope so because I don’t wanna try again.

Gosling shines in his role as Officer K, but is aided by stellar performances all the way around. Robin Wright plays his boss Lieutenant Joshi, a true tough-nut with a false sense of compassion. Then there’s Niander Wallace, corporate tycoon in the replicant world. Jared Leto nails a homerun in the role with an even keel that’s closer to replicant than human, almost begging the question, What does it even mean to be human anyway?

If you’re a sci-fi head, this film has it all. Amazing special effects and techy set pieces. Super cool action scenes with weapons that will make quite a few eyebrows raise. Pieces of the future that will have your mind spinning, dreaming about what our world could possibly become.

Blade Runner 2049 takes you there. Memorable experience that left me weirdly satisfied and empty at the same time. Go see it. Then digest it. Then talk with someone about it that has also seen it. I give it a 94.

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