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It was the best of times, it was the not so best of times


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I want to like this movie, I know a lot of people like this movie. In many respects it’s a decent film, but that’s all it is, decent. There’s some really good stuff in this movie, but there’s some bad stuff too. I’m sorry for all that like this movie, I get it, but this is all my opinion.

Let’s start off with the positives.

The opening scene’s featuring young Malificent are probably the movies best. Whoever the heck played her (for the record I looked it up, it’s Isobelle Molloy) does a great job, especially for a child actor. The set up is really good and most of the movie does a really good job to showing the other side of Malificent’s story. (I’ll be it, thinking back to the original Sleeping Beauty, her character does seem odd) There are some really good scenes when Angelina Jolie is just killing it as Malificent. And her sidekick crow character is a welcome addition. Most of the CGI is done well, most of it.

I think most of the movies problems can be summed up in two sentences, those gosh-darned fairy’s, and wasted potential.

Now which fairy’s am I talking about? Oh you know, ONLY THE ONES WHO ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT TO THE PLOT!!!!!!!!!

I’m pretty sure you know who I’m talking about, the ones who raised Aurora and cared for her, and were actually responsible guardians. Oh, wait, IN THIS VERSION THEY’RE ABOUT AS USEFUL AND LIKEABLE AS JAR JAR BINKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m serious these fairy’s are some of the first thing’s that come to mind when someone thinks of Sleeping Beauty. To see them represented in such an annoying and disrespectful way makes me depressed. They aren’t charming, they aren’t cute, they can’t even take decent care of a child, (spoiler) Malificent herself has to come in and raise her. While I will admit they aren’t to important to the plot, and seeing this bond between Malificent and Aurora is really interesting, it’s still infuriating to see these characters represented in such a way.

Now for wasted potential.

Just think about this. Wouldn’t (spoiler alert) it have been a lot cooler if Prince Phillip had put on the awesome armor in the end and actually killed Malificent! Not only would this have stayed truer to the original movie and given Prince Phillip more of a role in this movie, (he’s really only in the movie to smile and look handsome for the camera) but it would’ve created conflict between himself and Aurora. Creating an endless cycle of hate, and ending on a cautionary note which would bolster the moral! Answer me, wouldn’t that have been a better way to end instead of, (spoiler) “evil King dude dies, Aurora lives happily ever after with Malificent, and for some reason still ends up with Prince Phillip.” I mean sure the ending’s not bad, but it really seems like there was so much wasted potential in this movie!

Also, this movie has waaaaaayyy to many plot holes. How didn’t Malificent wake up while (spoiler) Stefan was cutting off her freaking wings? How come Aurora’s just ok with Malificent basically killing her Dad? Why is it if the fairy’s told Aurora about the curse, they didn’t tell her to avoid spinning wheels? Why didn’t Malificent use her magic to heal Stefan after (spoiler) he takes his tumble? Why, please Disney, tell me why?

I know I’m nitpicking way too much about this movie. It’s not a bad movie, and there are several good performances in this movie. It’s Disney, it’s meant for kids. I just wish they had gone all out with this movie. If Disney had decided to make a hold nothing back adult version of Sleeping Beauty, then this might’ve been a really good movie. But it’s Disney, apparently that’s too much to ask for. So I’ll stop complaining and just ask one more question, when the heck is DC gonna cast Angelina Jolie as Hawkwoman, because those flying scene’s were great!

Movie Rating:

The Media Fire gives this movie 5/10

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