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Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice – What it has going for, and against it


So I just recently reviewed Man of Steel in order to give you my thoughts on why I thought it wasn’t terrible. So the logical next step is to talk about if I think that the sequel will be good. And I say, “It could really go either way.” And I’m going to make a sort of pros and cons list to show you why I think that. Here we go.

#1 Going for – The Leads

As I said in my review, I think Henry Cavil ,while not getting enough character development, just emulates being Superman. He’s really good for this role and I think Warner Bros. made a good choice. Now as to that Batfleck, great! I really don’t see what all the fuss is! He’s been in bad movies, but he isn’t bad in them from what I’ve heard. Plus, he does have the look down for Bruce Wayne when you think about it. Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor? I don’t really see it, but I bet he’s got the range. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? I honestly don’t know, but she could be really good! Right?

#1 Going against – Over-crowding

Honestly, they should’ve just named this Justice League by now. I know that this kinda looks like a Justice League prequel, but come on! We’ve got Cyborg and Aquaman rumors all but confirmed, (in fact they may have been confirmed, it gets a little hard to keep track of these things) I bet Green Lantern and the Flash will come in, even though they were apparently only confirmed for Justice League so far. So you get my drift? The reason The Avengers worked was because they had separate movies to set up most of our team, and we’ve only had one that barely set up Superman, however……

#2 Going for – Man of Steel repercussions

There have been plot rumors that Superman is probably going to have to answer for his destruction of Metropolis, and honestly if they didn’t address this then we would know that Warner Bros. is being run by idiots. And lets not forget what came right after Zods neck snapping. SUPER BREAKDOWN! So I think that could be a really interesting part of the movie.

#2 Going against – Where’s the color?

Ok, have you seen the photos of Batman and Superman? THEY ARE SO FREAKING GREY! Chances are that this is going to try to be really serious. And I don’t know if Hollywood is listening, BUT THAT STUFF ONLY WORKS ONCE IN A WHILE! The reason the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, which the movie seems to be using as a reference point, worked so well was because this was during a time when comics still weren’t being taken seriously. This book along with Alan Moore’s Watchman changed all that for better and worse. Once we realized that, we got interested, and now were freaking sick of it. Guardians of the Galaxy is such a success right now because it’s a light fun action sci-fi comedy with a heart. Man of Steel was such a failure in the eyes of fans because this was something we’d seen done already, and done a lot better. So please, MAKE THESE GUYS FUN AGAIN!

#3 Going for – The spectacle

In all honesty, if they really want me to like this movie, they better have the decency to make the action as over the top, as ridiculously amazing, as the title BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN suggests. The reason a lot of people lost it at comic con was because the only footage they showed was of Batman and Superman looking like they were about to throw down big time. The possibilities for a fight like this are endless. And when we’ve got Wonder Woman and company waiting in the wings, oh man is this gonna be fun.

#3 Going against – Hilarity could ensue

Going back to point 2, if they really go way to dark and way to gritty, it’s not only going to hurt the movie, it’s gonna be really hilarious to see how far they take this. I mean, just think about how dumb this movie sounds, and then how far they could take it. Yeaaaaaaa……. Bat shark repellant could make a comeback. Ohhhhh boy.

What do you think, will BvS be bad? Good? Well screw that because THEY JUST ANNOUNCED A DEADPOOL MOVIE FOR FEBRUARY 2016! YES! YES! YES!

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