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Batman: Dead End

Several months ago when I was surfing Hulu, I found a documentary that caught my eye. “Behind the Mask: The Batman Dead End Story” (2015) was a documentary that Behind The Maskexplained the history of a fan made film “Batman: Dead End”. The documentary explain how a fellow Batman fan, Sandy Collora, spent about $30,000+ to make this movie (through loans from family, friends and other sources). According to different sources1,2, Collora had created this 8 minute movie as a demo to show his directing skills. At the 2003 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), the movie showed how great and imaginative a director he is. It won over both the movie critics and fans . It was so popular at SDCC, that one scheduled showing of the movie was not enough. They had to schedule several more viewings because of positive word-of-mouth advertising it got at the convention. Unfortunately, with all the praise, he couldn’t get his career off the ground. He made a couple of low budget movies after this. One was the Batman/Superman team-up called “Worlds Finest“(2004).

This documentary shows us the “behind the scene” story of how the movie was made. The documentary talked of how Collora was able to get Sylvester Stallone (before his Expendables fame) and Mark Hamill attached to the movie. But because of legal reasons, they both backed out. He was able to find other actors to play the two iconic DC characters. With his small budget, the great costumes and special effects he was able to create a masterpiece that puts all the big budget Batman movies to shame.

Batman: Dead End was directed by Sandy Colllora. It stars Cl220px-Batman_DeadEndark Bartram as Batman and the late Andrew Koenig (Growing Pains) as The Joker. It also stars Kurt Carley as the main Predator and Jake McKinnon as The Alien. The story starts with the escape of The Joker from Arkham Asylum. Batman goes after The Joker to put him back into Arkham. In the process of his hunt, he comes in contact to two alien species and has to fight them.

For an 8 minutes long movie, it held my attention to the end. And, like great movies, left me wanting for more. The special effects was great (for a $30,000+ budget). The Batman costume was as close to authentic to the comic book artwork than any of the big budget Batman movies. It is worth watching. You will not regret it. To see the movie, click the link below.

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