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Bad Frank – A Slow-Burning Psychological Thriller

Bad Frank movie review

Movie Rating:

Bad Frank is a psychological thriller that relies on its exceptional cast to help it stand out from the crowd. Although the story isn’t a new one, it provides us with enough twists in the tale to make it interesting.

What’s It All About?

Frank Pierce leads a seemingly normal life, but when a disturbing past reemerges and something precious is taken from him, his mask of sanity loosens & unearths the urge to be violent once again.

My Opinion

Bad Frank is the feature film debut of director Tony Germinario, who also headed up the writing team along with actors Kevin Interdonato and Russ Russo who both starred. The story is one we have seen many times before, but we are given a number of unexpected twists and turns to make it feel a little different. One of the great things about this type of story is that a huge budget is not required to bring the story to life. A lot of the success of the film relies on the performance of it’s cast, and that is where Bad Frank excels. All of the cast do a great job with some particularly excellent turns from the lead Kevin Interdoanto and supporting cast Amanda Layton, Tom Sizemore, Russ Russo and Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini. They all seem to be on top of their game giving performances that draw you into the film. Not only are they believable but the actors seemed to have an excellent chemistry with one another and that shone on-screen.

This is clearly a film of two halves. The first half of the movie is dedicated to the ‘build-up’, a slow-burner that introduces us to the characters and sets the scene. Next we have the ‘break-down’, where all the action takes place and the story unfolds at an electric pace keeping you glued to the screen. You can’t have one part without the other, both are needed in order to tell this type of story. Tony and his team have managed to balance this story out perfectly giving us just the right amount of ‘build-up’ so we are invested in the characters and understand the situation, so when the ‘break down’ occurs we are sucked into the film.

Bad Frank movie review

I also wanted to mention the relationship between Frank and his Father, Charlie. I really enjoyed the scenes between the pair. The tension between the two as Frank struggled to repair his relationship with his father was clear for all to see. The two actors playing these roles had fantastic chemistry together, it really came across well on-screen and both seemed to genuinely care for the other. It was great to watch.

The film relies a lot on the performance of Kevin Interdonato as Frank, who is the main focus of the film. Fortunately Kevin gives us a fantastic turn, expertly balancing his character who is struggling to maintain a grip on his temper. Kevin’s believable portrayal really carries the movie, making full use of his who body to express his urges to lose control and contain the rage inside of him, his body language does a great job of telling a tale. Kevin’s performance definitely elevates the movie.

Tony has crafted a believable world for it to be contained in. His debut has given us a lot of promise as Tony does a fine job in telling this story. His clear direction ensures the actors involved are focused and aware of the story so the twists have the necessary effect on the audience. The story arc is balanced and played out very well with a clear and thought out conclusion. I loved some of the use of lighting, once Frank lost control he was constantly shrouded in darkness, showing the dark elements of his character coming out. The camera is not afraid to get adventurous and we are also given some interesting shots that keep us visually stimulated.

Bad Frank movie review

Notable Performances

Kevin Interdonato played Frank Pierce. Kevin really shines in his performance of Frank. I thought he did an excellent job showing the struggles Frank went through trying to control his temper, even his body language changed as he stopped taking his pills and struggled to keep control. His body language spoke a thousand words without having to say anything. He really captured the instability of the character and was at his best when he finally lost control. It was a stand out performance from Kevin who really excelled in this role.

Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini played Charlie Pierce. It was great to see the former lightweight champion on-screen, but it was even better to see his talents extend to acting. He was extremely believable as the father of Frank and I felt the conversations between the two characters were some of the best scene’s in the film. They had excellent chemistry together and you could feel the emotional struggle between the two.

Russ Russo played Niko Scarpezzi. I thought Russ gave a scene stealing performance. The character looked extremely menacing and a little uncontrollable, which was perfect for the part. Russ was brilliant and seemed to relish the role, it came across that way on-screen. Russ has got bright future ahead of him and given the right role could really do well for himself.

Tom Sizemore played Mickey Duro. Tom was an actor who I felt could have been given a little more screentime to make more use of his acting ability. I really liked this character and he had a great simmering relationship with Frank. Tom did everything he needed to do and gave an extremely solid performance, he strolled through this role giving every bit of swagger the role required. Another great performance.

Amanda Clayton played Gina Pierce. Gina was solid in her role and I thought she was a little under-utilized. Her character was there to be placed in peril but I felt that she could have offered a lot more. She did the role she was there to play but she looked like she had the ability to do more if given the opportunity.

Brian O’Halloran played Donnie. I thought Brian gave us a little comic relief in what is a pretty dark film. His limited screen-time really brought a little light to the movie.

Bad Frank movie review

The Verdict

Although Bad Frank may not be the most original of movies, it is not afraid to throw in enough twists to keep our attention. The movie is a slow-burner and creeps up on us, before we know it we are hurtling out of control as the story quickly unfolds and steamrolls towards it’s conclusion. A fantastic cast really helped to elevate the story with some excellent performances.

Movie Rating:

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