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Baby Driver (2017) Movie Review

Baby Driver movie review

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In order to pay back organized crime leader Doc (Kevin Spacey), Baby (Ansel Elgort) has agreed to become the driver for his bank heists. Baby’s plan is to earn enough money to pay off his debt and be done with crime for good. We all know that in movies like these, things rarely go as planned.

While there wasn’t a whole lot wrong with Baby Driver overall, I did think director Edgar Wright could have done a better job of splicing the action and drama. There were a couple of spots where you would come off the high of an amazing action sequence only to be a stuck in dialogues scene where you felt like things were moving ultra slow. Again, I only noticed this a couple of times and it’s not nearly enough to slow down this powerhouse of a movie.

This review should come with a disclaimer: Baby Driver will not be everyone’s cup of tea. It’s weird (in a good way), strange, and quirky. It never quite does what you expect it to. Just like Baby tunes in to his own soundtrack, the film as a whole marches to its own drum. For those of you walking in expecting to hate it, give it a chance. I can promise you it will be like nothing you’ve seen before.

While the film is more action/drama than just straight action, I can assure you that you will definitely get your money’s worth in thrills. From the car chases to intense shootouts, the action scenes are not only phenomenal, but clever. I haven’t put my theory to the test yet, but I’m willing to bet you could watch this movie more than once and notice a different little nugget in each scene. I won’t ruin anything. Let’s just say it delivers.

The action is just as much fun as the characters are creative. While the movie doesn’t waste an exorbitant amount of time on explaining backstory, I found it refreshing that each character had their own little flavor that contributed to the heist team. They’re characters you want to keep getting to know, characters that surprise you by exceeding expectations. My personal favorite was Joseph (CJ Jones), Baby’s deaf caretaker. He’s merely one example of the depth of these characters and the strong acting that brought them to life.

I was starting to lose faith in 2017 movies until I saw this gem. Baby Driver gets an A for originality. I can’t wait for ten years from now when: 1. Disney has finally bought the remaining Marvel franchises and we see them all come together on the big screen; 2. We get a Mission: Impossible 10 where Ethan Hunt has aged but opts to go on one last mission; 3. We look back and Baby Driver is a cult classic. I give the film a 93.

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