Do you have what it takes to be the next Movie-Blogger?

Author: Camden McDonald

Princess Mononoke

I had the opportunity to see Princess Mononoke in theaters tonight for the film’s twentieth anniversary and to celebrate Hayao Miyazaki’s birthday. Seeing this movie on the big screen was
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I went into Sing with the lowest possible expectations because Illumination Entertainment has not had a great track record lately. I didn’t let the film’s current Rotten Tomatoes score of
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Fences is a film that many will have to prepare themselves for. Know what you’re getting into before you see this movie. Expect a dialogue reliant screenplay and
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Dwayne Johnson continues to prove himself to be one of the most charismatic and likeable actors out there. His character in this film, Maui, is loud, funny, relatable,
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Just a disclaimer before you get disappointed by this movie, Arrival is not an alien invasion film. At least not in the way most people think of “alien invasion”. It’s belongs more
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Trolls looked to me like a feel-good family movie with singing and dancing that would leave me feeling upbeat and smiling. Actually, Trolls is a kids movie with singing and dancing that
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Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange introduces some magical elements to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve seen some fantasy-type heroes before, like Thor and Scarlet Witch, but Doctor Strange is a full on
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