Author: Camden McDonald

Logan Lucky

Who would’ve thought that Steven Soderbergh’s most recent film, a heist movie, would have a reference to Ocean’s Eleven, his other heist film from 2001? Probably a lot of
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Crown Heights

Watching Crown Heights at Sundance earlier this year, I sensed that the film felt a lot more important than it actually was. It tries to be life changing, when it’s
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The Dark Tower

I didn’t have high expectations for The Dark Tower, not having read the novels by Stephen King or having been super impressed by the trailers, but I really didn’t
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It took me a while to get invested in the story Dunkirk had to tell, because this movie is very much a showcase of an overall event, rather than a
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Spider-Man: Homecoming

A general consensus I’m hearing among fans is that Spider-Man: Homecoming is great because it’s not an origin story. I can’t help but agree. This reboot doesn’t show us the radioactive spider
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Cars 3

The Pixar sequel that nobody asked for, Cars 2, was what I would call Pixar’s only bad film. They’ve made underwhelming, kind of pointless movies before, but that movie for
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The Mummy

The best thing about seeing The Mummy was knowing that I’d never have to watch the awful trailer, the one that has been playing in front of basically every film
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Wonder Woman

What’s so refreshing about Wonder Woman, aside from many other things, is that it isn’t as concerned with setting up a franchise as previous DC films have been. There
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