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Professional nerd. Lover of licorice.

Denise has been covering books, movies and music since 2003. She’s hoping she’ll get the hang of it any day now.

“I am woman, hear me roar! Except in a movie theater. That’s just rude.”

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awesome con 2018 amell

Con News: Stephen Amell is coming to Awesome Con!

That’s right, Arrowverse fans – Oliver is coming to Washington, DC's Awesome Con! So get your DC/CW Universe questions ready, and ...
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“Insidious: The Last Key”: tired tropes combine with new twists

Nutshell: There’s no doubt that Lin Shaye is an incredible actress that brings top-notch talent to this series as psychic-in-charge ...
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the post still

“The Post” – a historical drama that’s all too relevant today

Nutshell: Dynamic performances, and a story about a moment in the Nixon White House where the POTUS tried to break ...
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shape of water

“The Shape of Water” – sparkes but doesn’t fully set sail

Nutshell: While Shape is a fascinating story with absolutely incredible performances by Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer, it has neither ...
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battle of the sexes still

7 Pieces Of: “Battle of the Sexes”

Nutshell: Seriou, funny, riveting and real, Battle of the Sexes digs into the lives of two tennis superstars and paints ...
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the mountain between us onesheet

“The Mountain Between Us” first clip released!

Y’all know I love me some Idris.  I also think that Kate Winslet is an amazing actress.  So when I ...
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it still

“It” floats just as well as the original

Nutshell: This reboot/remake of the 1990 TV miniseries has a different feel to it, but dammit if it doesn’t pack ...
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national book fest 2017

Fest News: Small Press Expo sponsors Peirce, Telnaes and Lester at National Book Fest

Can’t wait for the DC area’s Small Press Expo, so you can get your comic creator fix?  Well you don’t ...
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baltimore comic con logo

Con News: “The Defenders” Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick come to Baltimore Comic-Con!

I love the Netflix Marvel Universe…okay, I wasn’t that impressed with the Iron Fist series.  Not because of the acting; that was ...
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Con News: 170 new indie comics making their publishing debut at Small Press Expo

Can’t wait to see what SPX has in store on the show floor?  Well, they know…and they’re giving you a ...
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Con News: Small Press Expo announces Ignatz Award nominees!

Award season y’all! Small Press Expo leaves the gate with their Ignatz Award nominees, and they’re gonna have their work ...
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Pony News: #BronyCon2017 wrapup!

Pony News: #BronyCon2017 wrapup!

Okay, so this year’s BronyCon was an amazing and awesome gathering of friends, fans and shippers (SPARITY FTW!!!) as is ...
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Hey America - Adult Swim’s “Swim on the Green” hits the East Coast!

Hey America – Adult Swim’s “Swim on the Green” hits the East Coast!

Who doesn’t love Adult Swim?  It’s hilarious, it’s obnoxious, and it’s disrespectful as hell.  What’s not to love, amirite?  Well, ...
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baltimore comic con logo

Con News: Balitmore Comic-Con welcomes Harry Potter artist Kazu Kibuishi!

Well, BCC is at it again; this time they’re adding creator/artist Kazu Kibuishi to their Kids Love Comics Pavillion!  Those ...
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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Trailer 2

“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” – beautiful, messy

Nutshell: Dazzling, beautiful, uneven.  The lightning-in-a-bottle that was Besson’s The Fifth Element doesn’t strike twice here, even though the visuals and world-building ...
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