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ALL OUT DYSFUNKTION! – LA Downtown Film Festival’s DYSFUNKTIONAL Dark Comedy & ALL OUT Must-See!

All out Dysfunktion!

ALL OUT DYSFUNKTION! is a film that addresses modern-day topics including cyber porn, hidden cameras, date rape, racism, drug abuse, violence, obsessive compulsive disorder, molestation, prostitution, misogyny, elder abuse, unrequited love, and how far people go when they are desperate for a dollar.  —But, oh yeah, did I mention: it is primarily a COMEDY?!  (And a damn good one!)  The audience was laughing audibly at the film premiere, as characters’ vivid memorable performances jumped off-screen.

ALL OUT DYSFUNKTION! has performances that are strong, reminiscent of movies like “The Big Lebowski,” and is a character-driven narrative of interwoven scenes that blend and overlap. It is a constant progression of hilarious scenes that could elicit boisterous laughter even from a stoic.  Memorable moments include a hilarious pimp/porn director, directing a “fluffer;” a web camera sex video girl, directing her fans; and wild party-goers huffing gasoline.

With a narrative that strings together the story of roommates who have intense personalities and who each have their own personal agendas—their interactions breed humor, tension, and utter chaos!  It is a laugh-out-loud comedy that has twists and turns with poignant moments that turn immediately into gasp-worthy grotesquely violent scenes, and then back again into laughs—somehow achieving the task of not leaving the audience feeling guilty for enjoying the ride.

All out Dysfunktion!

Through an unpredictable series of events the film stimulates audience members to reflect on the journey, by learning about each character; the writing, execution, and acting is engaging and provocative.  Without giving away any spoilers, the film ends without a solid “Happily Ever After,” feeding into the ALL OUT DYSFUNKTION! that may be a perpetual state of being for all of the characters—and maybe for all of the viewers.

My takeaway?  This film is worthy of becoming a cult classic!  It brings up many issues prevalent in society today and, with many fun scenes that will make you laugh, is a movie that you can watch again and again!  It urges viewers to laugh at life, cry at life, and hold ourselves to a higher standard so that ultimately we can understand how each of us—through our small decisions—affect each other in big ways.

-Michelle Smoller

**I attended its premiere at the LA Downtown Film Festival on September 23, 2016.

Here is a link to the movie trailer.  It is a raunchy, funny comedy that will raise eyebrows as it addresses real modern-day issues in Hollywood:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICyQ-IIzVv8

All Out Dysfunktion!A scene between Gator, the independent filmmaker (whose creepy stunts get plenty of on-air laughs), and Carrie, the cocaine-snorting actress-partygirl. Both are unlikely likeable characters. 


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