Justice League

Justice League Review

Once again, we find ourselves in the same position we were in last time a DC Film came out. Massive ...
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Wonder Woman movie review

Thoughts On Wonder Woman (2017)

While it certainly has been awhile since the release of Wonder Woman (2017), I decided to share my thoughts on this ...
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Greetings again from the darkness. The ultimate cinematic dilemma … how to make the next comic book movie stand out ...
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Greetings again from the darkness. If you know an adolescent who is ready to step up from comic book movies, ...
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Thor: Ragnarok – Movie Review

Thor is back for a new adventure, this time he's joined by the Incredible Hulk! Here are my thoughts on ...
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walking out


Greetings again from the darkness. Man vs Nature movies tend to remind us of both our tenacity when things go ...
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blade runner 2049


Greetings again from the darkness. Ridley Scott’s original film was released in 1982 and based in 2019. The highly anticipated ...
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The LEGO Ninjago Movie

I'll say it now, they need to stop with the LEGO movies. The first film in 2014 was a very ...
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kingsman GC 1

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

The first Kingsman as many would know was not grounded in a gritty reality as many spy films are nowadays ...
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Movie Review

The sequel to the surprisingly bad-ass Kingsman: The Secret Service is here, but does it deliver? Here are my thoughts ...
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wind river

Wind River Review

Taylor Sheridan has become the next great filmmaker to follow.  After writing the script for Sicario (2015) and his Oscar-nominated work on Hell ...
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The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower Review

As far as Stephen King based films go, there have certainly been hits and misses that need no explanation. And ...
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The Nut Job movie review

21st Century’s Worst Failures (Animated Series) – The Nut Job (2014)

The Nut Job (2014) is the equivalent of 100 minutes of an endurance test - one that will test how long ...
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Atomic Blonde movie review

Atomic Blonde Review

For me, the spy genre really just falls into one of two categories: a James Bond film or something less ...
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The Dark Tower Trailer

The Dark Tower: A Murkey but Enjoyable Thrill Ride

I am a huge fan of Stephen King. The worlds that man can craft with a pen are phenomenal in ...
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