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The most adorkable zombie movie ever made

Zombieland movie review

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By now I think we’ve all heard of this movie. A Zombie comedy in which Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin trek across a zombie infested America in search of a theme-park that might be zombie free. It’s a shame that I probably heard to much of it and got some things spoiled for me along the way, so I’ll try and keep this spoiler-free. That being said, Zombieland is a funny, ‘adorkable’ little comedy that deserves it’s attention as well as any sequel that may or may not be in production (I think they’re making a TV show or something).

So the reason I feel like this movie was spoiled for me was that a large portion of this movies humor comes from a location that the main characters stay in and who they meet there. I won’t spoil who it is in case you still haven’t seen this movie, but I think it would’ve been a lot more funny for me if I didn’t already know who the mystery person was. Also, I happened to be viewing a TV version of this, so I feel like maybe a lot of the action was edited for gore etc. which might explain why I didn’t think the action was very satisfying. Not to say it’s bad, there’s a particularly good scene involving Woody Harrelson on a roller coaster blasting zombies off, but I feel like some stuff was edited out. Maybe not, I’m not sure. The point is, it’s still a good movie.

The cast is in top form, with Jesse Eisenburg doing his best Michael Sera impression, and Woody Harrelson providing most of the entertainment on his search for twinkies. As my review title may suggest, this is an ‘adorkable’ zombie movie. Everything just kind of seems cute despite the setting, and the movie enjoys putting the characters little quirks at the for-front. The humor is hilarious. Again, I won’t spoil most of it, but one scene involving Jesse Eisenburg talking about how he doesn’t miss updating his Facebook status had me laughing out loud.

Yea, so I really don’t have to much to talk about for this movie. To say anymore would probably spoil it. So I’d advise you just check it out for yourself and make your own judgment. It doesn’t have the quite have the rapid fire humor of say a Coen Brothers movie, but it’s pretty darn funny and you should definitely check it out.

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The Media Fire gives this movie 7.5/10

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