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“Adaptation” is Ferid Hasbun’s first shot at a documentary, specially one dedicated to environmental issues.

The approach taken on this short piece is not what we expect from a usual documentary. This film shows us the contrast between creation and destruction of our environment through us, humans. It guides us through the film with a drum solo, which tempo plays to the evolution of the images.

The title comes from the fantastic ability of nature to adapt and evolve to maximize its chances of survival regardless of the obstacles. But also from its power of destruction. Same ability is seen in humans.


The film kicks off with a fast drum solo, almost as a wake-up sound to catch our attention, which is followed by a combination of images showing us the beauty of nature around the city of Los Angeles. Quickly, it becomes clear that humans mimic nature’s abilities to create and maximize the use of its resources, like the sun, earth, and water to survive. However, human’s approach is not focused on coexistence, maybe even more egoistic, and hence resulting in climate change.

Ferid HasbunThe images are edited contrasting each other. We recognize the shapes humans have copied from nature in order to build cities, but we also recognize the contrast between the creation in nature, the destruction of nature through humans, and the ability of nature to still adapt. The audience gets enough space however to make its own conclusion. We end with a beautiful image of a glove placed on dry earth, symbolizing the print humanity has had and still has on nature.

Ferid Hasbun’s cinematography focuses on lines and the Golden Ratio; a balance found in nature itself, and was shot during the past drought in California.

The documentary is momentarily on its final stages of post-production and looking for new funding to finalize the process. It will be available online and hopefully playing in festivals soon.

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