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16 year old movie enthusiast from the middle of nowhere in Ireland. Love listening to movie podcasts and between that and watching movies, most of my free time is taken up. Active sporst-person. Turns out I’m pretty good. Recently started a movie blog. Quite happy with it currently and hoping I can make it grow as much as possible. The plan is to get a some kind of journalism degree when I leave school and then work at a movie media company e.g Screen Junkies, Collider etc. That sums it all up really.



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6 points about Gladiator

6 points about Gladiator So I have just watched Gladiator with much anticipation, but unfortunately I was a bit let ...
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Star Trek Beyond movie review

Six points about Star Trek Beyond

Six points about: Star Trek Beyond Everybody talks about how good the re-booted Star Trek Franchise is, yet everyone is ...
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Bad Santa movie review

Six points about Bad Santa

6 points about: Bad Santa So Bad Santa 2 has very recently come out in theatres, and is the sequel ...
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Suicide Squad movie review

six points about suicide squad

Six points about: Suicide Squad Damn this movie caused controversy. A great marketing campaign, great cast, smart story and different ...
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Six points about Hell or High Water

6 points about: Hell or High Water So summer 2016 was quite the let down with regard to the highly ...
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Fantastic Beasts Trailer

Six points about fantastic beasts and where to find them

Six points about: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them So Fantastic Beasts (I’m not writing the full title every ...
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Doctor Strange movie review

6 points about Doctor Strange

Six points about: Doctor strange The newest movie in the renowned and acclaimed Marvel cinematic universe is Doctor Strange. An ...
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