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16 year old movie enthusiast from the middle of nowhere in Ireland. Love listening to movie podcasts and between that and watching movies, most of my free time is taken up. Active sporst-person. Turns out I’m pretty good. Recently started a movie blog. Quite happy with it currently and hoping I can make it grow as much as possible. The plan is to get a some kind of journalism degree when I leave school and then work at a movie media company e.g Screen Junkies, Collider etc. That sums it all up really.



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A short movie review: Padlock

Padlock: A short film review I wouldn’t usually do this type of review, but one of the producers of this short ...
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Editorial Blog: What the hell happened to comedy movies????

What the hell happened to comedy movies???? I haven’t seen Kong Skull Island or John Wick 2 as of yet, ...
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Logan Trailer

6 points about Logan

6 points about Logan I apologise for my inactivity recently. Long story short, life got in the way. But nothing was ...
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My Oscar predictions

2016 Oscar Predictions I left this far later than I had hoped, but here we are. The Oscars are on ...
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The LEGO Batman Movie Review

6 points about The Lego Batman Movie

6 points about The Lego Batman Movie So, DC has struggled a lot recently with their DCEU, and just can’t seem ...
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Split movie review

6 points about Split

6 points about Split I have no plans to spoil this movie, but should the need to discuss a spoiler come upon ...
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Passengers movie review

6 points about Passengers

6 points about Passengers I like to try and do 6 points about all of the big budget blockbuster movies, simply ...
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Hidden Figures movie review

6 points about Hidden Figures

6 points about Hidden Figures There are a bunch of movies that I need to catch up on, and this is ...
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The Edge of Seventeen movie review

6 points about The Edge of Seventeen

6 points about The Edge of Seventeen A lot of people were talking about how great this movie is, but absolutely ...
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Moonlight movie review

6 points about Moonlight

6 points about Moonlight Yep, today we are talking about yet another Oscar movie. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to see Split ...
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Deadpool oscar buzz

Editorial Blog: My thoughts on Deadpool and its Oscar Buzz

My thoughts on Deadpool and its Oscar buzz Doing something a bit different today, and it is something that I ...
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Hacksaw Ridge movie review

6 points about Hacksaw Ridge

6 points about Hacksaw Ridge We have done a lot of Oscar-bait type movies recently, and well, it does make sense ...
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Arrival movie review

6 points about Arrival

6 points about Arrival I finally got to see one of my most anticipated movies of recent times, Arrival. It was ...
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La La Land movie review

6 points about La La Land

6 points about La La Land. Yep, I finally got around to seeing this one. There is so much hype around ...
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Patriots Day movie review

6 points about Patriots Day

6 points about Patriots Day So today we are talking about the second movie this year that is a Peter Berg/Mark ...
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