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3 Days to Kill…and A Baby!

3 Days to Kill...and A Baby!


I haven’t seen 3 Days to Kill starring Kevin Costner yet. But a friend of mine watched the new movie release this weekend before he rated the movie. He thought Kevin might give Liam Neeson a run for the money for old guys with guns. Although, the screaming baby in the aisle next to him did not approve of Kevin Costner. I bet that baby did not like this new movie release.

Why do people bring babies or young children to the movies? Especially violent action movies at night? Even if the babysitter cancelled, can’t they just say, “Okay, let’s stay home and go see Costner some other time.” If the movie flops, it will still hit Netflix or DVDs.

Obviously we are missing the bigger picture here. Children in an ADULT movie! I think I 10 years old when my dad brought us to see The Blues Brothers. That was rated R. He saw the movie beforehand, and took us out into the lobby during the nun scene. Which was pretty funny when I watched it in high school. I appreciate my dad removing my brother and I from that element. Now it’s like it’s okay to bring children into action or horror movies where blood is flying and curse words are firing off at gattling-gun speeds!

When is this going to stop? Keep your children at home! Spend some time playing UNO or Scrabble with them. And your baby is not going to sleep during that high-octane action sequence on a bullet train. You are not going to get any sleep either. If this becomes more of a problem, movie theaters may have to start looking into Quiet Rooms for children. You know those rooms in churches where you take the screaming baby to try calm them down? It might not be a bad idea. Unless Kevin Costner likes listening to babies. I bet they are his target demographic. Get them while they are young!

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