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2017 Oscar Predictions: Early February Update

la la land

We’re just under three weeks away from the Academy Awards, and I think it’s high time I give my two cents as far as what I think will go down Awards night.  We’ll take a look at the feature film categories here, including the big categories and all those technical categories.  I’ll list who I think will win and any film or performance that can take it down.

Best Visual Effects

The winner will be: The Jungle Book

This should be an easy category to predict.  The achievement that director Jon Favreau and his crew met with the film is something that should and I think will be awarded.

Best Sound Editing

The winner will be: Hacksaw Ridge

This one will really be a coin-toss.  Either the loud war movie, Hacksaw, wins, or Best Picture behemoth La La Land takes this one.  Arrival also has a dog in the fight, so don’t count that one out either.

Best Sound Mixing

The winner will be: La La Land

Musicals usually win this category, or the big war movies, so once again I’ll list Hacksaw Ridge or Arrival as possible winners here.

Best Film Editing

The winner will be: La La Land

Film editor Tom Cross did a tremendous job with the film, and while he did win with Whiplash (2014), another Damien Chazelle film, I think he’s got this one, too.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

The winner will be: Star Trek Beyond

This category always frustrates me, and sometimes it’s one of the hardest categories to predict.  I think Star Trek will take it, but Suicide Squad also stands a good chance.

Best Production Design

The winner will be: La La Land

If La La is the biggest Oscar winning musical in decades, this should easily be an award it wins.

Best Costume Design

The winner will be: La La Land

Another case where it’s an award La La will pick up in its predicted sweep.  There is an outside chance that Jackie takes it down, but that’s growing ever slimmer as we approach the ceremony.

Best Cinematography

The winner will be: La La Land

With all those long takes and musical number stagings, this should be an easy win, but Lion would the Cinematographers guild this past weekend, so there is a possibility of an upset.

Best Original Song

The winner will be: “City of Stars” from La La Land

This one could actually be tough since “Audition”, also from La La Land, has a fighting chance.  Also “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana could win if the voting splits between the two La La songs.

Best Original Score

The winner will be: La La Land

Since it’s rare for original music scores to be nominated anymore, this should be an easy win for the film.

Best Animated Feature

The winner will be: Zootopia

After its big wins this past weekend at the Annie Awards, this should be a no-brainer for Oscar night.

Best Adapted Screenplay

The winner will be: Moonlight

This actually will be a pretty tough category.  While Moonlight is the favorite, Hidden Figures has been doing exceptionally well the past couple of weeks, both at the box office and with awards shows, so if it does goes home with something, this will be it.

Best Original Screenplay

The winner will be: Manchester by the Sea

This is one of the three big films at this year’s Oscars where it got in everywhere else, so it should take something home.  However, if La La Land does start a big sweep, this one will go along for the ride.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

The winner will be: Viola Davis for Fences

This one has been the one lock in the big categories since late November.  Really I don’t see anybody taking her down.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

The winner will be: Mahershala Ali for Moonlight

While he did lose the Golden Globe, Ali’s speech at the SAG Awards pulled him ahead in my opinion.  While he’s still got stiff competition from Jeff Bridges in Hell or High Water and Dev Patel in Lion.

Best Actress in a Leading Role

The winner will be: Emma Stone for La La Land

Traditionally the Best Picture winner also wins an acting award, and between Emma and Ryan, Emma’s got the better chance.  But in the last couple of years, that hasn’t been true.  Some competition for Emma includes Natalie Portman for Jackie and Isabelle Huppert for Elle.

Best Actor in a Leading Role

The winner will be: Denzel Washington for Fences

With his big win at SAG, Denzel might become another entry on the growing list of actors with 3 Oscars, including Daniel Day-Lewis and Jack Nicholson.  His competitor, though, will be Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea, who has won just about everywhere else.

Best Director

The winner will be: Damien Chazelle for La La Land

There was a chance Barry Jenkins, director of Moonlight, was going to take him down, but after the DGA win for Chazelle, he’s got the Oscar in hand, too.

Best Picture

The winner will be: La La Land

After PGA, Globes, and a few other awards along the way, this should be the easy pick for Best Picture.

So if you kept count, La La Land has ten wins by estimations, and that number could grow or shrink depending on how the Academy is thinking.  Anyways, this should still be an interesting ceremony with some big mysteries left in a couple of those bigger categories, and I’ll be letting you know if there are any changes in my predictions later on this month.

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