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2 movies that actually deserve a reboot (in my opinion)

Ghostbusters reboot movie review

So here’s a little idea that’s been ruminating in my brain for a little while. What movie’s actually need reboots?

Now Hollywood seems to have a little problem with reboots. You see, in my opinion movies should need a reboot if:

A. a movie with a lot of potential to be something awesome shows up and doesn’t reach said potential.
B. to try to rework a classic into a new and interesting take that we haven’t seen before.

However, clearly Hollywood doesn’t seem to share this opinion and is going around and rebooting everything it touches.

**side note; Marvel so help me if you make your new Spider-man movie a orgin story I think we as the fan base are going to kill Uncle Ben ourselves**

Here are some movies that I think actually deserve a reboot for the reasons I’ve listed above. If you don’t agree with my choices, feel free to disagree with me in the comments below and tell me what you think should be rebooted.


#2 Hellboy

I literally just watched this movie last night, so think of the next few lines as my own mini-review.

Hellboy is a visually imaginative movie with enough good acting, interesting characters and ideas to mostly make up for the fact that THIS MOVIE IS SLOWER THEN A SNAIL GLUED TO A ROCK! I feel like this movie was meant to be four episodes of a TV show that they decided to throw together at the last second to make a movie.

It also doesn’t help that the CGI has aged terribly. It’s a shame because I really like parts of this movie a lot!

Ron Perlman really sells Hellboy as a character, the practical effects in this movie are great, Guillermo del Toro’s imagination and vision really create a world that you want to stay in, and the acting is mostly good from everyone else

Soooo…. reboot anyone? It’d be really hard to find a replacement for Ron Perlman I know, but I’m sure we’ve got plenty of actors who could at least try. I think it’d be wise to at least keep del Toro on for producing and writing, but there are lots of directors with even more unique ideas who could give this movie another shot of originality.

I think if Hollywood is so intent on rebooting any and all super-hero movies, this one could be at least worth a shot right?

BTW if anyone could tell me if the second movie is any better I’d be very grateful

The Matrix

#1 The Matrix

Ok before anyone flips out, yes, The Matrix is still a pretty good movie all things considered. The special effects still mostly hold up, the ideas raised in the movie are still interesting and the action is solid throughout.

But does anyone else feel like there was a bit of a missed opportunity here? I mean think about it. This is a universe where humanity is plugged into a computer that can perfectly mimic a normal everyday setting, the real world resembles a bombed out apocalyptic wasteland, computers have gained sentience, people can learn kung-fu just by downloading a program, and where does most of this movie take place? In a typical 1990’s city where everyone dresses in leather. BRILLIANT! 10/10 INSTANT CLASSIC!

I mean seriously, think of all the things you can do with this setting! You could have people traveling through time just by The Matrix deciding to load a different time setting. Heck, while we’re at it, if we’ve been living in a computer all this time, how do we know that we’ve been learning the correct version of history? How did the machines gain sentience anyway? How much can you manipulate in The Matrix? Can you mess with other people’s minds in The Matrix? So many possibilities and ideas that you can throw around with such an imaginative concept!

And what do we get? Leather. Can you see where I’m coming from with this?

I know they explored some of these ideas with the animated spin-off movie The Animatrix, but why couldn’t we do that in the main movies? Did we just not have the special effects back then? Not really. So why did the Wachowski’s limit themselves so much with such an awesome concept? It’s not like they aren’t doing imaginative stuff now! Even if Jupiter Ascending was a total mess, it proved the Wachowski’s still have a lot of imagination.

Can’t we get a Matrix movie that explores even more ideas? We could get Christopher Nolan to direct, that way we get to keep all the exposition this series is known for! (hides behind table as objects fly towards me) Heck, wouldn’t it be great if we got Keanu Reeves to play the new Morphius? All I’m saying is I’d like a Matrix reboot that does more. Is that too much to ask?

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